30 August, 2010

Número Uno

I'm unsure re: the best way to start a blog but I love making lists!

1. Proenza Schouler PS1
I am obsessed with this bag. I've heard people say that your either a shoe person or a bag person and I am A BAG LADY 100%! Unfortunately, this bag costs two months of my rent. (I accept encourage contributions.)

2. Watermelon juice
Watermelon juice is unreal. I juice it in my Breville juicer almost every morning and it's like candy. Super healthy candy. 

3. Cold, gloomy weather
I hate summer and sun. I'm very pale, I like hot drinks, and I want days that are pleasantly grey and damp. Ideal=

4. Drew Barrymore
She's killing it lately. I think that if Drew and I were friends I would never have anxiety and I'd start dressing cool like her, like I don't care or something. Her shoes in the second picture are sick. 

(top 3 via Le Fashion)
5. Relatively plain clothing+SICK jewelry
I love all the cool stone jewelry Urban has been selling. I want to wear stand out necklaces with really simple tees, even a super casual crew neck or beat up vintage tee (example, Mary-Kate). 

(via Olsens Anonymous)

Dara Ettinger Bridget ring (@ Urbanoutfitters.com)

I want to wear that outfit with this bag that Rumi posted a picture of recently. Rumi seems to know what's up.

(via Fashion Toast)

*I'm not sure if I cited everything right. If anyone has any constructive criticism leave it in comments, please! I am very open to criticism!! I don't want to cause any unnecessary blog related distress.

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