04 September, 2010

I Like to Pretend that I'm British

I am obsessed with anything British. The last time I was in London was January and I've had separation anxiety every day since I got back. I may have been born in the wrong time zone. 

credits: Georgia Jagger, source unknown/Kate Moss photographed by Corrine Day/Alexa Chung, source unknown (I think it was for Vogue, but I'm not sure which Vogue)/My freaking awesome udon noodles at Wagamama (I think it was the Yaki Udon but I'm not positive)


  1. samsies. i talk to myself in a british accent and wish i was all three of these girls all the time. gah. rip corrine day:(


  2. my best friend was born in south africa but then moved to england when she was a pre-teen and i gotta say, i'm jealous of her accent every day. totally feel you on the separation anxiety from london. i miss my little oyster card :( and i still don't know why my bff had to marry an american and abandon england. sad day. (except her husband is awesome so i kinda take that back)